Save time by easily creating unique 2D isometric house designs for your game/project with just one click!

The best part? Each building exports to a single .png file so there is just ONE DRAW CALL!! per building.

You can customize the design, colors and more, with the simple and easy to use user interface.

We all want our game to have unique artwork but hiring an artist can be expensive and creating it yourself can take up all your time. Fear not, with this plug-in, you can easily create unique house designs for your isometric 2D game easily!

Features Included:
-Export designs to .png files
-Works across all platforms
-Easy positioning system using grid movement
-Ability to customize each design
-Unique random coloring system to automatically set matching colors
-Manual controls to set the number of floors and maximum area


Iso_Screen-2 Iso_Screen-1 Iso_Screen-4 Iso_Screen-3