With just ONE CLICK, you can quickly generate Heads up display for your game/project.

This works great for prototyping or simply to make your game/project look cool!

With more than 180+ different elements you will get the flexibility to edit each element and combine them to create unlimited unique designs.

Why spend time thinking about designing your heads up display when all you need is one click to design an amazing heads up display. After a random design has been created, you can either customize it using the HUD Designer wizard or just modify it directly from the scene view.




A Prefab manager is also included to help you manage your custom designs.

Features with HUD Designer wizard:
Create random designs
Customize individual elements
Change individual colors
Set rotation speed, amount and more
Manage prefabs and designs
Use Pre-animated elements
Included color set to help you with color combination.

  • New: Export circle elements to a single texture file
  • New: 40 MORE circle designs


Version Changes

Thanks again!

Version 2.2:
# New Circle Texture Export button to combine all the circle textures to one le. # Added 20 new Circle center designs
# Added 20 new Circle layer designs
# New Prefab manager will now display preview images
# Fixed a TON of bugs

Version 2.1:
# Bug fixes
# Minor changes in look of the wizard menu
# You can move the main “HUDdesigner” folder to a custom folder or rename it.